Wed, Dec 7, 2016*



Juvenile Detention Center

Thu, Dec 8, 2016  7PM – 9PM


Holding Court


Underground Museum


Fri, Dec 9, 2016  7PM – 9PM*


Artist Reception

Sat, Dec 10, 2016  1PM – 9PM


Art For Rights
International Human Rights Day

3PM: Panel Conversation
5PM: Panel Conversation
7PM: Secret Walls Human Rights Edition


The Container Yard


Sun, Dec 11, 2016  12PM – 5PM


Art For Rights


The Container Yard


*Due to spacing and capacity, we are only able to provide tickets for selected events. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Art for Amnesty brings a week of arts activism to Los Angeles. The goal: harness the creative power of the arts to inspire 10,000 actions on behalf of Write for Rights.

Art For Rights, hosted in the world famous Container Yard in Downtown Los Angeles, will see the creation of 12 original murals, the curation of a provocative installation on the current refugee crisis, a high profile visual arts competition hosted by Secret Walls, and a series of curated discussions around human rights and the arts.

Art For Rights is free of charge. We invite you to engage with the art, learn about our human rights work & take action.

The exhibition is curated by Art For Amnesty’s Creative Director, Marvin Bing.

The “Fight Club” of the art scene, inspired by Marvel comics and graffiti. A fixture in the global art community for over 10 years, Secret Walls is the World’s premier live art event. Secret Walls brought global, and unparalleled live illustration events to the creative terrain of Shoreditch in 2006. The cool simplicity of a monochrome palette mixed with the invigorating effects of time constraint has proven to be a winning concept. Today, over one thousand shows have been witnessed by the masses in almost every continent. Aspiring artists of all styles and backgrounds contend on the global platform. They’re armed solely with black markers or acrylic paint, with the challenge of filling a large canvas. It’s an experience that connects the audience to the artist as they watch them freestyle on a large piece before their eyes, showing the process of the work that we are so used to seeing as finished pieces in galleries.

As part of Art For Rights, Secret Walls will host Secret Walls: Human Rights Edition. Two artist teams will have 90 minutes to coat their 25-feet white walls in black paint, while the crowd cheers in decibels for their vote. Alongside them, a panel of arts influencers help choose the winner. The theme for this Secret Walls event is Human Rights and Freedom of Expression.

The Judges

Chris Gibbs

At the helm of Union Los Angeles is Chris Gibbs, a longtime retail veteran who began his career in 1996. Chris has been working in the men’s fashion business for over 15 years, and has been managing and buying for Union for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in the global men’s fashion market, and is considered one of the top “tastemakers” in the world.  He has been profiled in several media outlets, has been recruited by larger corporations for think tanks (such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Adidas).  Chris has been influential in the development and progression of men’s contemporary fashion. His eye for product that fuses function with a wearable but progressive fashion element is respected across the industry.  This has fostered a community of likeminded, coveted brands within the walls of his shop.

Marcus A. McDougald

  • Caffeine.
  • Gasoline.
  • Fiberglass.
  • Blues.
  • Tacos.
  • Tattoos.
  • World football.

Brutal simplicity is difficult to achieve but is ultimately the most rewarding facet of any product. Inquisition fuels the fire. Playing at the crossroads of story and design. Marcus is the creative director of LA’s newest MLS team LAFC and co-owner of the boutique creative agency Crossbar FC.He has worked on the creative teams of YouTube, College Humor, RED Camera, and Funny or Die. Marcus resides in Long Beach with his wife and yard sale professional Rebekah Rose.

Reginald “Reggieknow” Jolley

Reginald “Reggieknow” Jolley is a true marketing maverick. He worked as creative director for Burrell Communications Group Inc. where he revolutionized urban youth advertising with award-winning campaigns for Coca-Cola’s Sprite brand and McDonalds. Reginald’s intuition continually led to intelligent, courage-driven strategies that exceeded client expectations and yielded results. Sprite’s brand manager stated in a time magazine interview, “…the Voltron campaign quadrupled the number of people who say that sprite is their favorite soda.” Through the innovations achieved with Sprite’s “Voltron: Defender of the Universe” and “Five Deadly Women” campaigns, along with the McDonalds’ “New Math” spot which was picked as Adweek’s commercial of the year, Reginald paved the way for the evolution of modern advertising.

As head creative at the ad*itive, Reginald’s insight was key in the global campaign for the Reebok Freestyle 25th anniversary collection, which reinvigorated the iconic women’s athletic shoe for a younger generation. Predicting that market saturation and well-worn tactics could no longer be the standard for reaching young consumers, he began cross branding and cross promotional marketing that would take advertising to new levels while his non-traditional lifestyle initiatives, as done with Reebok’s Kool-Aid collection, catered to those seeking something bold yet authentic.

Reginald’s work is a combination of marketing science and authentic cultural instinct. He played an integral role in the conception of the “Formula 50 campaign,” an unlikely marriage between vitamin water and rapper 50 Cent. The Formula 50 campaign was so successful in helping Glaceau reach younger consumers and in forging the role of Vitamin Water in the bottled drink industry that 50 Cent even dubbed himself “the Air Jordan of Vitamin Water.”

Reginald most recently served as executive creative director for Troy Carter’s marketing company, A Idea, where he creative directed projects for numerous recording artists including Lady Gaga, John Legend, and John Mayer. Reggieknow also creative consulted for Kanye West and Yeezus. Currently, he is co-owner and chief creative officer of STEVE, a creative agency based in Los Angeles, providing branding, marketing and creative consulting services for artists and brands. Some of STEVE’s clients include Bibi Bourelly, Cocaine 80’s, and executive vice president of Island Def Jam Records, No I.D. Reginald’s artistic insight is legendary and his creative intellect, groundbreaking leadership and courage-driven strategies have earned him an undeniable status in the history of urban marketing.

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Kevin Ma

Kevin Ma, the founder and CEO of Hypebeast, has been labelled as one of the top influencers in streetwear culture as well as a leading digital media entrepreneur. Throughout the expansion of Hypebeast, Kevin has cemented his position on an international level with streetwear and high fashion brands, developing strong relationships with Nike, adidas, Porsche, Supreme, Master Card, Apple, Hennessy, Dior and more.

Starting off as a sneaker website before transitioning into the most relevant and reliable source for fashion news, Kevin Ma has transformed Hypebeast by ways of his creative, innovative and experimental spirit. In 2011, he launched an e-commerce store HBX with the aim of bridging the gap for readers to purchase products, thus resulting in a tremendous business growth through buying, merchandising, logistic and marketing strategies with some of the world’s most prestigious brands like Raf Simons and Thom Browne being stocked. And it didn’t stop there. Kevin’s ambition for Hypebeast expanded further with the creation of Hypebeast print during the same year, exploring and leading content direction, creative direction and logistics which has led to the magazine being stocked in high-profile establishments such as Ace Hotel and Colette.

Always on the move and striving to achieve more by experimenting and creating new products, Kevin also rapidly developing the creative agency services under Hypebeast Limited, boasting clients that include the likes of Apple, adidas, Porsche and Dior. Adding to his list of professional achievements, Kevin’s entrepreneurial zeal spurred him to list Hypebeast Limited’s IPO on Hong Kong’s stock exchange at the start of 2016, opening the doors to a bright future for his employees and the various cultures that he contributes to.

Featured In:
  • The BoF 500, the professional index of the people shaping the global fashion industry
  • 2016 Hong Kong Tatler’s “100 Hong Kong’s brightest connectors, creative visionaries, influential innovators
  • Prestige’s “40 under 40 2016”

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Aylmer Abrea

Aylmer Abrea is a design driven creator of Stomper Haus. He is known for his distinct illustration style that is recognized by sneaker enthusiasts across the globe. His simple, abstract style is fresh take on popular sneaker silhouettes and his artwork is rapidly gaining attention. Stomper Haus, est. May 2016, began as an illustration project by Aylmer Abrea. Since it’s release, Stomper Haus has been featured on blogs such as High Snobiety. Aylmer plays greatly with proportion and warps all type of footwear stripping away the seriousness in shoe design and leaving it with emphasized features that deserve to be noticed. This brings a greater appreciation for the design of the shoe and presents a fun, carefree vibe.