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Girl Forced into Marriage

Children Forced to Marry

Maria was just 13 when her father forced her to marry a 70-year-old man who had five other wives. When she resisted, he told her: “If you don't go to join your husband, I will kill you.” Across Burkina Faso, thousands of girls and young women like Maria are being forced into early marriage. This has to stop. Write a short letter to Burkina Faso's Justice and Human Rights Minister, urging him to protect girls and young women from forced marriages. After you've written that letter, please also take a moment to write a short solidarity letter or postcard to the young women and girls of Burkina Faso, letting them know that you are taking action for their human rights. All the information you'll need can be found in the case sheet and sample letter below.

Take Action With These Easy Steps

1. Download the case sheet for Girl Forced into Marriage
2. Download the sample letter to Burkina Faso Ministry of Justice & Human Rights
3. Take action online, in addition to writing letters
4. Download case sheets, sample letters, and resources for all 12 cases
5. Let us know how many letters you wrote

Help Stop Forced Marriage of Children

Write to the Government of Burkina Faso. Call on them to:

Stop turning a blind eye and meet the country's obligation to prevent forced and early marriages.

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
Avenue de l'Indépendance
Ouagadougou 01 BP 526
Burkina Faso

Show the Girls They Are Not Alone

Write a message of support to the girls and young women in Burkina Faso who have fled early marriages and the shelter workers helping them defend their human rights. Send your postcard to:

Amnesty International Burkina
08 Av. Houari Boumedienne
Ouagadougou 08 BP 11344
Burkina Faso

Girls Forced to Marry Burkina Faso