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Rania Alabbasi & Her Family

Family Seized by the Government & Still Missing

In 2013, Syrian government agents came to the home of Rania Alabbasi, a successful dentist and mother of six, and took her and her family away. No reason was given, and none of them has been heard from since. Write a short letter to the President of Syria, urging the immediate and unconditional release of Rania's children. Rania herself must be released or charged and given a fair trial. After you've written that letter, please also take a moment to write a short solidarity letter or postcard to Rania and her family, letting them know that you are taking action for his human rights. We will use these messages to put more pressure on the Syrian authorities to disclose the location of the family. All the information you'll need can be found in the case sheet and sample letter below.

Take Action With These Easy Steps

1. Download the case sheet for Rania Alabbasi & Her Family
2. Download the sample letter to President of Syria
3. Take action online for Rania and her family, in addition to writing letters
4. Download case sheets, sample letters, and resources for all 12 cases
5. Let us know how many letters you wrote

Demand Justice for Rania and Her Family

Write to President Assad of Syria.

Call for Rania Alabbasi to be released or tried fairly for an internationally recognized offence. Insist that Syria releases Rania's six children immediately and unconditionally.

President Bashar al-Assad
c/o His Excellency Bashar Ja'afari, Ph.D.
Syria UN Permanent Representative
820 Second Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Send a Message of Support

Send your message to us or directly to the UN Syria Permanent Representative at the address above. Asking him to forward it to the family is a powerful way to highlight that we do not know where the family is.

c/o Syria Team, Amnesty International
1 Easton Street
PO Box 1800, Diobu
London, WC1X 0DW
United Kingdom

Rania Alabbasi & her family Syria