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Photojournalist jailed for doing his job

Free prisoner of conscience Shawkan in Egypt

Take action for Shawkan

Annie Alfred Photo

Child with albinism hunted for her body parts

Protect Annie Alfred and other people with albinism in Malawi

Take action for Annie

Attacked by police for speaking out

Support human rights defender Máxima Acuña in Peru

Take action for Máxima

Facing 20 years in prison for a text

Free prisoner of conscience Fomusoh Ivo Feh in Cameroon

Take action for Ivo

Peace River Valley Photo

Indigenous people struggling to save their ancestral lands

Support the Peace River community in Canada

Take action with the Peace River community

Leonard Peltier Photo

Jailed over 40 years after an unfair legal process

Free Native American activist Leonard Peltier

Take action for Leonard

Zeynab Jalalian Photo

They took her freedom, now they’re taking her sight

Free Zeynab Jalalian in Iran

Take action for Zeynab

Students tortured and jailed for graffiti

Free prisoners of conscience Bayram & Giyas in Azerbaijan

Take action for Bayram & Giyas

Ilham Tohti Photo

Professor serving life in jail for fighting discrimination

Free prisoner of conscience and human rights defender Ilham Tohti in China

Take action for Ilham

Edward Snowden Photo

Whistleblower, not a traitor

Pardon Edward Snowden

Take action for Edward

Eren Keskin Photo

Arrested over 100 times for speaking out for human rights

Support human rights lawyer Eren Keskin in Turkey

Take action for Eren

Teacher tortured and jailed for waving a flag

Free prisoner of conscience Johan Teterissa in Indonesia 

Take action for Johan