Above everything, Germain is a husband and father. But this stalwart of human rights has never seen his youngest son. Instead, the father of three is sitting in a jail cell in Burundi, sentenced to 32 years imprisonment on sham charges after a flawed trial. “For how long must my husband suffer this injustice?” asks his wife, Emelyne.

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Born in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, Jani Silva has dedicated her life to defending the trees and land that are everyone’s lifeblood. From the age of 16, she’s been standing with the campesino farmers of Putumayo, a region nestled in the south of the country and brimming with unique biodiversity. Her work has pitted her against forces greedy for that land’s oil wealth. Threatened and intimidated by unknown aggressors, her life is in danger.

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idris khattak / pakistan

abducted for exposing disappearances

Described by his daughters as an “enthusiastic but terrible” cook, Idris Khattak is Pakistan’s expert on enforced disappearances. He’s spent years documenting them for Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. But in November 2019, Idris, too, disappeared. After his daughter, Talia, bravely went public calling for her father’s release, the authorities admitted they had him. Now Idris could be charged with espionage, which could mean 14 years in jail or a death sentence.

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nassima al-sada / saudi arabia

jailed for defending women’s RIGHTS

For much of her life, Nassima al-Sada has campaigned for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Now, she’s lost her own. She’s one of 13 prominent female activists prosecuted for demanding women’s right to drive and the right to carry out their daily business without the permission of a male ”guardian”. Since her arrest in July 2018, she has been locked up, enduring ill-treatment and solitary confinement – all for her peaceful efforts to defend women’s rights.

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prosecuted for celebrating lgbti rights

From day one, biology students Melike Balkan and Özgür Gür dedicated themselves to defending lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI+) rights at their university. As members of the LGBTI+ Solidarity Group, they have organized campus Pride marches successfully for years. But in May 2019, the university banned the planned march and called the police to disperse the peaceful sit-in. Despite simply exercising their right to peaceful protest, 18 students and an academic are now on trial.

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shot while waiting outside of a gas station

On the evening of May 31st, Teyonna decided to go out to get something to drink from a local gas station around the corner from her home. Security footage from the gas station shows a white vehicle driving onto the scene and an individual opening fire on the customers who were waiting in line. As people hit the ground, you can see Teyonna has been shot. With medical bills mounting, this Chicago teen wants answers. Why did the police not come to the scene? Why was no incident report filed? Why has she received no updates on her case?

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With confirmed cases of COVID-19 in family detention facilities, families face grave complications and even death if they contract the virus. There are credible, consistent, and disturbing accounts by families of dangerous conditions that put all families, facility staff, and surrounding communities at risk. These families came to the United States seeking protection from violence and persecution. They must be able to pursue the right to seek asylum in safety.

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