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prosecuted for celebrating lgbti rights

From day one, biology students Melike Balkan and Özgür Gür dedicated themselves to defending lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI+) rights at their university. As members of the LGBTI+ Solidarity Group, they have organized campus Pride marches successfully for years. But in May 2019, the university banned the planned march and called the police to disperse the peaceful sit-in. Despite simply exercising their right to peaceful protest, 18 students and an academic are now on trial.

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Tell Turkey to acquit protesters of all charges

1) Write a letter for Melike & Özgür (case sheet / sample letter)

2) Write a solidarity note to the METU LGBTI+ group (case sheet)

3) Sign the online petition for Melike & Özgür