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Use this map to add your letter writing party, join an existing party near you, or write on your own.

  • You’ll show up on the map once you sign up and fill in your Profile with details about where and when you’ll be writing.
  • If you sign up to host an event or write as an individual, you can choose whether or not your exact location is displayed or kept hidden when filling in your Profile. Your location will not be made public if you sign up to participate as an educator or join an event.
  • If you signed up as an individual but would like to host an event instead, simply visit your profile, select your new participation type and press “Update Profile”.
  • You can also use the map to join a party. If you can’t find one nearby, please consider hosting one or writing on your own.
To view specific types of events or writers on the map below, you may select or deselect different options within the Map Legend.
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Germain Rukuki


"Write for Rights really does have a positive impact. Their support has made me come out of prison even more committed to defending human rights"

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