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December 1-17, 2014

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"The pain of torture is unbearable. I never thought I would be alive till this day."

- Moses Akatugba, Nigeria

Write for Moses Akatugba

When he was only 16 years old, Moses Akatugba was arrested and tortured. Now he's on death row in Nigeria. Moses reports being beaten by the police, shot in the hand, and hung for hours at the station while officers pulled out his fingernails. He maintains that he only confessed to robbery because of the torture and asserts his innocence. In November 2013, after eight years of waiting for a verdict, Moses was sentenced to death.

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Every year, around Human Rights Day on 10 December, hundreds of thousands of people around the world send a message to someone they've never met. Letter writing has always been at the core of Amnesty's work, and 53 years of human rights activism show that letters really do have the power to change lives.

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